Container Gardens

After nearly 30 years of promoting backyard gardening, Permaculture has developed methods that work best for people with few resources living in the desert.  Saving water, growing an intensive amount of food in a small space, reusing discarded objects as containers, natural pest control and building up the quality of the soil are all part of the Permaculture gardening program.

Plant Nursery

Permaculture's Plant and Tree Nursery started as a source of seedlings and trees for our community projects, but as people began asking to buy product from us, we saw a source of income for our own sustainability as an NGO.  Today we have landscape plants, vegetable seedlings, flowers, shade trees, fruit trees and succulents for sale at very reasonable prices.  These sales support the expenses not covered by grants, to enable us to continue to do our work in the community.

Tree Planting

90% of Botswana is still depending on trees for provision of firewood, poles for housing construction, fodder for livestock and many other benefits. Yet deforestation, in combination with global climate change, is degrading the land in the delicate Kaligadi desert, causing soil erosion and loss of wildlife.  In the township and villages, shade trees are important sources of relief from the scorching heat and dramatically improve the quality of life for residents.


Teaching Home Food Production

They say education is the most sustainable development strategy one can engage in, and our workshops on home food production aim to make a significant impact on nutrition in Ghanzi.  Followed up by individual coaching, this approach results in families who are excited about growing their own food, and about teaching their children these practices as well.

Teaching Home Food Production

Permaculture implemented tree planting projects in Ghanzi Township and its surrounding areas,  aimed at the following objectives:

  • To mobilize and sensitize residents of Ghanzi Township and its surrounding areas on environmental issues
  • To train local communities on how to start and manage small backyard tree nurseries.
  • To train local communities on techniques of recycling or reuse of waste like chibuku containers in the tree nurseries.
  • To impart some practical skills to the community on how to harvest their natural resources such as trees sustainably.
  • To plant more than 15,000 trees all over Ghanzi Township, East Hanahai and West Hanahai

Yes, I want to be part of this!

You can support the work of Permaculture in several ways.  To donate, or to volunteer some of your time so that we can do more to realize a more sustainable future, call us at +267 659 7619 or email  To support our efforts by buying plants and trees, visit our nursery and office in Ghanzi, north of Choppies across from the back side of the old hospital.