Container Gardens

Providing the opportunity for families with malnourished children to put fresh vegetables on the table has been an initiative of Permaculture for many years.  Due to the scarcity of water in the Kaligari Desert, it has been difficult for families to maintain the gardens.  Making the shift to container gardens is making gardening less expensive and easier to maintain than ever before.

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Nursery Plants and Trees

Permaculture has a plant nursery in Ghanzi with a wide variety of flowers, plants and trees for sale.  Those wanting to start or expand a vegetable garden will find plants and guidance here. We also have a large inventory of drought-tolerant landscaping plants for contractors or homeowners.

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Tree Planting

The village landscape is improved immeasurably by the presence of trees.  Trees provide shade in the desert, beauty, and habitat for birds.  They add oxygen and moisture to the air and stabilize the soils.  Permaculture propagates trees and plants them in areas where the residents are committed to maintaining them until they become established.

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Ghanzi Permaculture Association is...

a medium sized NGO that was formed and registered in 1989.  Permaculture works at the grassroots level with the marginalized and disadvantaged communities including mainly San communities in their settlements and in Ghanzi Township.  In most areas Permaculture associations have been formed and members take an active role in determining and carrying out their planned activities. Permaculture promotes sustainable livelihoods projects including improved housing, integrated organic backyard gardens, rearing of indigenous chickens, around home tree planting, sustainable waste management, sustainable methods of crop production and domestication of veldt products.  Sales of plants and trees from our nursery support the ongoing community development efforts of the organization.



Donate or Volunteer

If you would like to support the Permaculture mission, please consider making a donation or volunteering some of your time to contribute.